Support Groups

Support Groups of The Trigeminal Neuralgia Association of Australia were formed to offer information, support and encouragement to patients, families and friends of sufferers. Knowledge is power and your understanding can be their greatest support

Our Objective is to provide information, support and encouragement to sufferers, their families and supporters.

Our Mission is to promote awareness of trigeminal neuralgia and other facial pain amongst patients, families, the community and the medical and dental professionals who treat them.

Our Goal is to encourage a unified understanding and improved approach to treatments of TN and other related facial nerve pains at a national level and to improve treatments and approaches to pain management.

Our Vision is to improve the quality of life and treatment of chronic facial pain sufferers locally, nationally and internationally.

Admission to ALL support group meetings is FREE. A donation at the door would be appreciated.

Details of upcoming meetings are listed in our calendar.
For more information about our support groups, please contact our local representatives.

If a support group isn’t listed in your local area, please visit our Contact page to register your preferences (location, day, time). We will endeavour to host new support groups as needed.

Kathy Meredith – email: tel: 0401 477 646

Tony MacPherson – tel: 07 3822 2286
Gold Coast
Peter Gough – tel: 0414 233 044
Brian Feeney – tel: 0401 312 775
Sunshine Coast
Nora English – tel: 0418 495 776
Vicki Brown – tel: 07 4956 3468

New South Wales – Sydney
Shane Thein – tel: 0407 106 470

Australian Capital TerritoryCanberra

Victoria Melbourne
Emelye Lovell – tel: 0400 004 110

South AustraliaAdelaide
Graham Boyer – tel: 08 8392 2781

Tasmania Hobart
Helen Tyzack – tel: 0459 022 883