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Our association actively seeks out pain warriors from around the globe.  We understand chronic pain is a medical condition caused by whatever underlying medical issue cannot be easily fixed by our current medical systems.  People living with trigeminal neuralgia are classed as living with chronic pain.

Barb Thornton lives in Canada and was recently interviewed on a podcast published by Deane Tsiapalis of the Pain 2 Possibilities Academy.

You can connect to their Facebook page HERE

Listen to the podcast

Barb has been inspired by the Welsh  word CWTCH which she discusses in her blog

YOUR CWTCH?? What is that?

If you like to read rather than listen – see below


Every person living with chronic pain has a story to tell. Their experiences and insight can help others, so let’s raise our voices and be heard.

If you have any hints or tips to share, or a story to tell CONTACT US

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