Coping with Pain

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Strategies for Coping with Pain

Pain is a constant when you are a sufferer of Trigeminal Neuralgia. Medications can help control the pain, and treatments don’t always take all of the pain away, all of the time. Sufferers often experience pain free periods, but can suffer extreme pain anxiety while pain free, in anticipation of a reoccurrence.

Recently our Sunshine Coast Support Group Leader, Nora English, shared her experience about managing pain

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Thought I would share my personal experience of power of positive psychology! I recently had a tooth pulled, due to an abscess, on my TN side. I put this off for 2 years for fear of TN returning as I have been pain free since Jan 2016. Before the procedure I did meditative breathing, during the procedure I was in a meditative state in the ocean at sunrise and the dentist pulling was the ebb and flow of the ocean. I was completely relaxed and all went well. But a few days later TN returned, so I kept telling myself “the nerve is just agitated it will pass” I felt like I was passing into migraine territory so I visited my upper cervical chiropractor. Then I visited a friend who instantly saw the pain in my face and got out her drum for sound healing. I have never tried sound healing before but it was quite extraordinary, I could feel a physical shift of energy and the TN and migraine gone. That was 4 weeks ago and I am still pain free. So yes the power of the mind and our thoughts is critical!

Stay positive”Nora English

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