End of Financial Year Donation – 2023

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Are you excited about the end of Financial year?

We are. WHY?  Because in 2022 we received $2,500 of EFY donations from our supporters via our new website platform.  There was much excitement in our committee room when that figure was reported.

Did you know our charity is registered as a (Deductible Gift Recipient) DGR with the Australian Tax Office ATO.

What does than mean….?

Dollar sign

Every dollar you donate to our charity is tax deductible.  So if you are paying an average rate of 30% tax, for every dollar you donate you will receive a deduction off your tax liability of 0.30 cents.

Sometimes an employer will partner with their employees and match any individual donations made.  Companies can also claim a tax deduction.

Australians give at the end of the financial year – find out why

The End of Financial Year in Australia is June 30th, plenty of time to organise a donation push.

We are a self funded and volunteer based charity relying on our annual membership revenue and donations.  We do not have paid staff.  We do not receive assistance from State or Federal Government.

We were delighted to receive assistance from The Cromwell Property Foundation  in 2021 to improve our digital footprint by investment in a new website and webinar production.

What do we do…?

We support sufferers on trigeminal neuralgia and their carers.

How do we do that…?

We help provide hope, shining a light on their difficulties and help to navigate a path to proper diagnosis, medication, pain management, surgical options and mental health support.

How do we use your donations…?

We are expanding our support group network with a new face to face group in Townsville.  Last year our current president set up an online support group for the Lockyer Valley/ Toowoomba area.

We have recently recruited a new support group leader, David MacDonald, to run an online support group in Melbourne.  Brenda Young has stepped forward to run the next face to face support group in Melbourne.

When we are blessed with new volunteers we strive to support them in their journey and to do that, we will travel to their locations to act as a mentor.

Air fares, zoom licences, printing costs to support our older members who do not interact with the digital world. Public liability insurance, equipment, website management and the list goes on.

How can I donate…?

on our website or you can use the Just Giving platform, we will receive a lump sum from them.

If you need any further information please contact us on members@tnaaustralia.org.au

And remember every dollar we receive is used to Support, Educate and Advocate for our community.  So many sufferers of trigeminal neuralgia are misdiagnosed, their pain levels not believed, feel isolated and ignored.  Too few medical professionals are never trained to recognise trigeminal neuralgia symptoms, we aim to change that.

Don’t forget you can also support our charity by buying our fabulous product or purchase an Emergency Department wallet card

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