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Our members generously share their hints and tips to assist other community members.

Living with a condition like Trigeminal Neuralgia can be a challenging and often isolating experience.

Gratitude, empathy and mindfulness have emerged as powerful tools to navigate the challenges posted by TN. Inspired by the book The Resilience Project by Hugh van Cuylenburg, I have embraced the GEM framework, all of which have become part of my coping strategy. Practicing gratitude has shifted my focus from the pain to the positive aspects of my life. Empathy has helped me connect with others who may be experiencing their own challenges similar to the camaraderie found among members of our support group. Mindfulness meditation has helped in managing the mental and emotional toll of the condition.

As part of my ongoing journey towards self-care and coping, I recently incorporated the “The Smiling Mind” app into my routine. This free app offers a diverse range of meditations, including those focused on mental fitness, calmness, stress reduction and sleep. The sleep meditation exercises on the app have been particularly effective for me. The soothing guidance provided by The Smiling Mind app have improved my sleep quality contributing to an overall improvement in my wellbeing.

I hope this helps others in similar situations to explore these techniques and discover their own personalised methods of coping.

Smiling mind app

If you would like to try the app please find link and details below

Mental wellbeing to support sleep, meditation and mindfulness and reduce stress

Smiling Mind is Australia’s leading digital-led, prevention focussed mental health not-for-profit and the innovators behind Australia’s most trusted mental wellbeing app. The Smiling Mind App is a free tool, developed by psychologists and educators and downloaded by millions of people..

Programs in the app are underpinned by mindfulness and positive psychology strategies and designed to build mental fitness and resilience; support good sleep, study and sports training; reduce stress and improve relationships; and promote the development of new social and emotional skills..

Whether you have half an hour, or just a couple of minutes in the day, you can learn, build and practise the skills to build mental fitness and improve your mental health anytime, anywhere . Find programs tailored for children aged 3 years and older, young people and adults as well as dedicated family programs.





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