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Hints & Tips – Tina Stubbs

Members Corner is our place to interact and pass on hints and tips.

Our association interacts with people living with trigeminal neuralgia online, face to face and by phone.  We often hear stories about how people have learnt methods to cope with day to day management of trigeminal neuralgia.

This month’s tip is provided by Tina Stubbs who lives in Coolum Queensland and is a very talented photographer.  Check out her stunning images on Instagram

I would just like to pass on a couple of tips that are helping me cope at the moment.

I had an MVD in March 2022, had a mild recurrence in October, controlled with 100mg Tegretol, which settled down after a couple of months.
Another flare up in the last couple of months. This one is stronger and not well controlled with 300mg Tegretol. I’m reluctant to take more Tegretol because it affects my sodium levels.
My sensitive areas as usual are my left cheek, nose and upper lip.
I’m coping with frequent use of lignocaine- Numit cream on my sensitive skin and applied with a cotton bud inside my nose. Also oral liquid inside my mouth. I use these before meals, before cleaning my teeth or blowing my nose, or anytime I feel sensitive. It lasts an hour or so. Without this I I would be climbing the wall and would have to increase Tegretol.
The other tip I have discovered by trial and error. I have never seen this mentioned before. Wiping my face from the centre outwards- the normal way I would wash my face or apply moisturiser etc- is a strong trigger. But I have discovered that wiping from the outside of my face towards the centre does not usually trigger the pain. This makes a vast difference in my daily routine! It makes sense when you consider it is wiping down the nerve rather than wiping up from the nerve ends!
Just thought I would like to share, it might help someone else.



3 thoughts on “Hints & Tips – Tina Stubbs

  1. Thank you for your insights. I will definitely try the motion from out to in.

  2. Marvellous idea – the value of simple experiences shared may help another.

  3. Hello Tina I also suffer from Trigeminal Neuralgia I had an episode about 3 years ago and took Lyrica and also Tegretol to control it (manage it). It came back again this September a much worse attack and my Dr prescribed Oxydone and Tegretol 200mg twice per day. Tegretol has a terrible affect on me (memory and tiredness). I then found out about the 100mg dose twice per day which was much better. I weaned myself off this after 3 months but I fear it may be coming back again. No-one seems to know much about it and I was wondering if we could meet up somewhere for a coffee and a chat (in the next couple of weeks). I haven’t heard of these medications you speak of. I live in Buderim.
    Sincerely Kay Campbell

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