Multidisciplinary patient centred care

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Pain Australia are currently advocating a multidisciplinary model of care for patients living with chronic pain. Unfortunately the Federal Government has not yet acted on recommendations and has effectively cut funding for this space.  Read an opinion piece below.

1 APRIL 2022 by Monika Boogs, Acting CEO

“The majority of Australians enjoy good access to healthcare through the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) which provides over 5,700 treatments or items for consumers by doctors and allied health professionals.

Unfortunately, the promise of universal health care for all Australians has gradually crumbled as we move further into the 21st century, with the growing burden of chronic disease eclipsing expectations of more positive health outcomes.

Affordability, accessibility and a range of other policy and structural barriers have all meant that access to many necessary treatments may no longer be available under the MBS for those who need it.”

Read the full article HERE




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