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Safety of microvascular decompression for elderly patients with trigeminal neuralgia

Research article: Safety of microvascular decompression for elderly patients with trigeminal neuralgia The following is an excerpt of a longer article which can be read in the journal, Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery, Volume 141, February 2016, Pages 77-8. Authors: Kenichi Amagasaki, Saiko Watanabe, Kazuaki Naemura, Naoyuki Shono, and Hiroshi Nakaguchi. More detail can be located […]


Feasibility of Olive Oil for Reducing Facial Pain of Trigeminal Neuralgia

STUDY Feasibility of Olive Oil for Reducing Facial Pain of trigeminal neuralgia. Brief Summary: This is a 16-week non-blinded, parallel, controlled trial to determine the feasibility and potential efficacy of an olive oil dietary intervention to alleviate facial pain caused by trigeminal neuralgia type 1 (TGN). Detailed Description: Trigeminal neuralgia (TGN) pain is debilitating and […]


FPA – New Life for Cancer Drug

This article was published by the FPA and the research shows that some drugs previously used to treat cancer can be utilised to treat nervous system pain. New Life for Cancer Drug Published October 11, 2021 New life for cancer drug that reprograms pain pathway to fight chronic pain Chronic pain associated with nerve injury and […]


Magnetic Therapy for Trigeminal Neuralgia

Magnetic Therapy – can it form part of a trigeminal neuralgia pain Treatment Plan? This article is for information and education purposes – we do not recommend individual treatment – always consult your medical team to evaluate the best course of treatment for your circumstances. ******** Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Energy Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy […]

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MLS Treatment Therapy

So what is MLS Treatment Therapy, and how can it help sufferers of trigeminal neuralgia? What is a Multi Wave Locked System? The Multiwave Locked System (MLS®) is a new patented LLLT system that combines 905nm pulsed emissions with 808nm continuous emissions.I It was developed by ASA Laser to help overcome some of the limitations […]


Emergency Department – Break-through Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain

This week the Association launched our Emergency Department plastic wallet cards – to assist sufferers with communicating when attending a hospital emergency department with break-through trigeminal neuralgia pain The following study highlights why this is such an important issue – and very relevant to all of our sufferers Treatment of acute exacerbations of trigeminal neuralgia […]


How Intractable Pain Causes Brain Tissue Loss

By Dr. Forest Tennant, PNN Columnist -August 09 2 The brain not only controls pain but the endocrine, cardiovascular, metabolic, respiratory and gastrointestinal systems. Any or all of these biologic systems may malfunction if there is brain tissue loss. Beginning in 2004, brain scan studies began to document that brain tissue loss can be caused […]


Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Chronic Inflammation

We are always interested in research which can show what conditions may cause chronic inflammation Australian Center for Precision Health, University of South Australia Cancer Research Institute, Adelaide, Australia, 2 South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, Adelaide, Australia and 3 Population, Policy and Practice, UCL Institute of Child Health, London, UK *Corresponding author. Australian […]


Factors that may affect recurrence of trigeminal neuralgia after percutaneous balloon compression

Most sufferers with trigeminal neuralgia have heard of the surgical treatment, Microvascular Decompression (MVD for short), but fewer know about percutaneous balloon compression. I can speak from first-hand experience of both procedures, and of the success with the latter. That is, I remain pain and medication free after five and a half years since a […]


Trigeminal Neuralgia Research – The Facial pain Research Foundation

YouTube Trigeminal Neuralgia: The Facial Pain Research Foundation – Kim Birchiel MD Research is happening around the world to better understand Trigeminal Neuralgia and this foundation has nine research programs ongoing The Facial Pain Research Foundation – it’s time to find a cure! ( In Search of a Cure: Finding the Genes that Predispose to […]


A research on quality of life score (QOLS) of patients with trigeminal neuralgia

A research on quality of life score (QOLS) of patients with trigeminal neuralgia When I visit my medical professionals they always ask questions in order to be sure of the diagnosis, and to be sure the treatment they recommend is appropriate to me personally. I have discovered the following article which may interest you. While […]


‘Treatment Outcomes in Trigeminal Neuralgia–A Systematic Review of Domains, Dimensions and Measures’

Collecting information about TN patients – by Helen Tyzack When visiting my GP, my neurologists and neurosurgeon I have been asked all manner of questions. After trying out a new medication my GP has asked ‘how are you?’. My responses were usually phrases such as, ‘I didn’t have any side effects’, or ‘it made me […]


Predictive Value of Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Many have been through a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) process. The intention has been to see whether a blood vessel is resting/pumping on the trigeminal nerve. This is not a diagnostic tool because some people can have this situation and never feel pain or discomfort on the trigeminal nerve. In some cases, a blood vessel […]


Nerve Combing – Dr Jeremy Russell

Early in 2022, a member of the TNAA Medical Advisory Board, Melbourne based Dr Jeremy Russell offered a webinar to Tasmanian TN sufferers. During his presentation he explained how he had conducted some ‘combing’ of the trigeminal nerve as a treatment to stop pain.This 2000 article addresses a few matters associated with nerve combing.


Whole Person Pain – Empowered Relief

The Association recently were provided details from Stamford University of the presentation by Dr. Beth Darnall, PhD – Associate Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine A video recording of last week’s program called “Whole Person Pain” is now available  The presentation in 90 minutes in length and has details of many study approaches.  […]


Canadian Case Study – Can Chiropatric Treatments Reduce Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain

The management of pain as a Trigeminal Neuralgia sufferer is constantly being considered Treatments other than medication can include meditation, relaxation tecniques and manipulation performed by a chiropractioner It can be bewildering working out which approach to take, especially when pain levels are high The attached study has been produced by The Journal of the […]


Stanford’s Facial Pain Program – Whole Person Pain Care: Latest research and scalable treatments for pain and opioid reduction

Here at TNA Australia we link with International Organisations who deal with Trigeminal Neuralgia and other Facial Pain conditions We have registered to be provided with information about Webinars and Research from many of these providers.  One of the unexpected wonderful outcomes of the COVID pandemic is the way many International and National Organisations have […]


Deloitte Access Economics Report – The Cost of Pain in Australia

Sufferers of Trigeminal Neuralgia suffer chronic pain and very often treatment is made harder due to the  clinicians,  who treat the patient, do not always work collaboratively through the diagnostic and treatment process. The Deloitte report is very interesting because it highlights the huge benefits from multi departmental care. “Deloitte Access Economics was commissioned by […]


Joint Consultation Study

Our organisation have links with medical and dental experts around the world, all working hard to diagnose, support and treat sufferers of Trigeminal Neuralgia. We publish our newsletter to them and they reciprocate by providing new research, articles and advice for the benefit of our members In November we were contacted by Prof Joanna Zakrzewska, […]