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Pain Australia posts great resources on their website.  The resources include fact sheets that they produce and from other organisations.

These fact sheets are not only useful to our community but can also act as a training tool for family members or work colleague, who often have never heard the words trigeminal neuralgia. Often they have no understanding of the impact that a diagnosis of TN can have on a person either.

We aim to raise our voices when we can, and the best way to do that is by using educational resources which are well written, factual and provide support.

Chronic Pain Management Pain Australia Fact Sheet 1- The Nature and Science of Pain Pain Australia Fact Sheet 2 - Prevalence and the Human and Social Cost of Pain Pain Australia Fact Sheet 3 - Clinical Assessment of Pain Pain Australia Fact Sheet 4 - Multidisciplinary Pain Management Pain Australia Fact Sheet 5 - Spinal Cord Stimulation Pain Australia Fact Sheet 9 - Neuropathic (Nerve) Pain Pain Australia Fact Sheet 10 - Self Managing Chronic Pain Pain Australia - Chronic pain – a major issue in rural Australia Beyond Blue - Chronic physical illness, anxiety and depression Pain Toolkit - Resource Pack Chronic Pain Management Strategies Pain and Physical Activity

These resources can also be used as discussion point documents at support group meetings.  Let us open conversations about the challenges our community deal with every day.


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