TNA Australia Sponsor a Member


TNA Australia is a non-funded charity organisation providing support and education to sufferers, their associates, professionals and other interested parties.

We understand that the financial burden of membership can be too much when sufferers are undergoing treatment. For this reason TNA Australia have developed “Sponsor a Member”. Visitors to the site can purchase this product. An additional full membership is then made available at TNA Australia. Our committee will consider and assign the membership based on current candidates.

We will announce the recipients in our members newsletter so you can see your sponsorship at work.

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By purchasing a sponsored membership you are supporting a non-funded charity organisation at the work they do to support the sufferers, friends and family of Trigeminal Neuralgia and related facial pain. And you are also providing an opportunity to a member of our community that cannot currently undertake membership on their own.

Sponsored Membership benefits:

  1. Access to restricted areas of the TNA Australia website
  2. TNA Australia Newsletters
  3. Special Offers on product and Membership discounts
  4. Entry into twice yearly Member Story and Member Survey draws