Wednesday May 3, 2023 7:00 PM AEST
Here is your reminder about our forthcoming Tassie Support Group Meeting –   the revised date is now Wednesday 3rd May at 7pm.  
The Zoom link is:  or Click here.
During our get together we might:
  • talk about the TN situation, TN problems, TN information needs, etc of anyone present – maybe there is a way I can support you
  • talk about whatever concerns you regarding TN
  • talk about one of our member’s recent experience trying PEA which I wrote to you about many weeks ago
  • talk about the recent AGM of our national Trigeminal Neuralgia Association Australia – I am honoured to have been returned as VIce President
  • talk about the Facial Pain Association USA conference – I recommend you register:
  • talk about the “Striking Back” book and my offer to loan it out to sufferers (if you want it now just ask – postage at your expense or come and collect it)
  • talk about Teal as the international colour for trigeminal neuralgia; is there anyone who is prepared to organise a ‘light up in teal’ program across Tasmania or even in one spot in October to be part of the international lighting up of infrastructure.
  • talk about an online article currently available under the News heading of – “Research provides new blueprint for chronic pain care’
  • and more if time allows …


  • Looking forward to seeing you online Wednesday week. – bring your own cup of coffee, tea or glass of wine if your TN allows. 😊


  • By the way, I realise that meetings don’t suit everyone so if you simply need a chat about your TN situation, don’t hesitate to make contact.  After all, there are two parts to TN – the physical pain, inconvenience and emotions relating to this, as well as the social changes that happen within relationships and between friends and the world of people – I recognise we simply cannot be the person we want to be to everyone on some occasions. I’m not sure I can help in that latter circumstance but I do understand – so if you need to air the TN related social issues of your life, I can be a good listener


  • Cheers, Helen

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