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Light Up In Teal 2023

October is Facial Pain Awareness month and specifically for our association October 7th is International Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day where organisations from across the world request cities to Light up in Teal 2023 a significant building to highlight the struggles people living with TN endure.

It is a slow process contacting city councils to try and book in a site and due to a lack of volunteers we were unable to light up as many cities as 2022.

However, a special mention of thanks goes to our Tasmanian committee member Susan Leaman who worked with Hobart City Council and Wrestpoint Casino to have their buildings lit up in teal.

W also extend our thanks to Mackay City Council, Brisbane City Council, Perth City Council and Transurban in Brisbane and Melbourne who all supported International Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day by lighting up multiple buildings.

Sometimes it feels difficult engaging with our community to ask for volunteers to take photos, approach their councils or just take a picture of themselves wearing teal or lighting their own porch in teal.  We do note that perhaps our community is so used to “not being heard” they may believe in their hearts that “there is no point in going to the effort”.  The councils across the country all seem to use electronic request forms on their sites which can make it confusing for our community who often struggle with technology.  May we suggest to our community that they ask family members to help them contact their councils.  The Light Up Calendar for most councils is annual so the quicker we lodge requests the more likely our cause will be centre of attention on October 7th.

On a very positive note, our two documents (word and PDF) to contact councils have been downloaded from this site 1,352 times so we do know that our community is interested in raising awareness.

Light Up In Teal Request 2023 (doc) Light Up In Teal Request 2023 (pdf)

We communicate across all digital platforms – Instagram, Facebook, ENEWS newsletter.  If you have a suggestion how we can serve our community better on awareness day, please drop a comment below this post.

We also ran three support group meetings on October 7th, Brisbane, Townsville and Gold Coast – a happy coincidence that our meetings aligned with the awareness day.Light up in teal 2023

light up in teal 2023

Jodie Schneider and her group meet bi-monthly at local cafes for breakfast and a chat in Townsville.

Tony Macpherson runs bi-monthly meetings in North Brisbane and had Eliane Lee Schneuwly – Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist as their guest speaker.

We have posted many pictures of the buildings lit up in Teal on our Facebook Group pages and Instagram but below we have put together gallery of photos.  Please feel free to download and utilise for awareness purposes.

LUIT Transurban 2023 These photos were taken in 2022 – unfortunately we were unable to find a volunteer to take pictures in 2023



Perth, Mackay, Sandgate and Mount Coo-tha Dome

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President’s Monthly Musings – Oct 7th 2022 Light Up In Teal

International Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day October 7th Light Up In Teal

I am humbled by the turn out of our members and stakeholders, who took photos of the landmarks which were Lit up in Teal all around Australia.  Our Association members and Facebook members of the two groups below, made sure we had photos of the Eastern Coast sites.

Trigeminal Neuralgia Association Australia | Facebook

Trigeminal Neuralgia – Australia/New Zealand * | Groups | Facebook

We would also like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Julia McDonald – the Secretary of the Trigeminal Neuralgia Western Australia, who organised photographers for the sites in Albany, Perth, Geraldton and Broom

Trigeminal Neuralgia Support Group – Strength Through Shared Experience (

We had a few minor issues – unfortunately Albany City Centre was not lit up, and The Glasshouse, in Port Macquarie lit up during the day which was not the agreement.  Broome Water Tower lit up in a fetching red colour, however – with the magic of desktop design apps we changed the colour to blue.

Despite the difficulties, we created a buzz.  Sufferers of Trigeminal Neuralgia could see a beacon of hope highlighting some magnificent buildings.  We know that the Teal Light provided support and a feeling of community to all sufferers.

I would like to thank Helen Tyzack our Vice President – who wrote the media releases and contacted media outlets all around the country, liaising with sufferers in each location to personalise their stories.

Townsville Bulletin wrote up a story about Haley Plaza in Townsville.

Haley Plaza





MYGC here on the Gold Coast also published a story about our event

Gold Coast “Light Up In Teal” –

I would like to thank our newest committee member Sarah Wilkinson, who created advertising posters for the facebook group pages to highlight the buildings to be Lit up in Teal.  The posters allowed our sufferers to attach their pictures if they wished, to those posts.  She and her husband Samuel, braved the pouring rain in Newcastle, and took some wonderful pictures of the Town Hall Clock

I would also like to thank our wonderful Support Group Leaders who took photos or arranged for photos to be taken.  We cannot function without you highlighting our activities at each Support Group Meeting

I will be providing slides to Toni Saunders the founder of the Light Up In Teal Awareness Day


I have put together a little video with the pictures we have received and there are a few more to be added.  I am still working on the file – but hopefully you will enjoy what we have put together so far.

 Trigeminal Neuralgia International Awareness Day October 7th 2022

Our Association will also send a slide to each City Council who participated and an email showing our gratitude for supporting us all.