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Case Study -Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain Treatment

The following video was created by a New Zealand physiotherapist Steve August, who started suffering with trigeminal neuralgia.Ā  He utilised his knowledge to experiment with a different approach to trigeminal Neuralgia pain treatment.

In this video Steve describes what happened to him, his research and how he undertook an approach using physiotherapy to relieve his pain.

Please ensure you speak with your medical professionals before attempting to follow his advice

Other links to the exercises described by Dr Priya Mistry mentioned can be found here

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Trigeminal Neuralgia – the neck may be a factor

Our members are located all around the country and although we cannot recommend a medical professional, we can highlight practices that specialise in trigeminal neuralgia.Ā  If you opt to book an appointment, at least you will be confident the specialists understand your condition and are looking for information that may have been overlooked, the question posed is trigeminal neuralgia – the neck may be a factor.

This article is based on work published by the Headache Pain Management Centre

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So what could really be happening?

A common fact that is overlooked by health professionals is thatĀ the signals that comes from your Trigeminal Nerve, whenĀ it gets into your brain, go to the same place as the signals from the top of yourĀ neck (and a couple of other areas as well that are less relevant to TN).Ā  This nerve centre takes in signals from your jaw, face and teeth as well.Ā  What thisĀ means, is that if there is an issue with the top of your neck, then it is entirely possibleĀ that your brain can get it totally wrong, and assign the problem to your face.
This causes pain in the face, when there is nothing wrong with the face nerves at all.Ā Ā It actually happens quite commonly in your body. People living with sciatic nerveĀ pain, have pain in their leg or foot, but the issue is in the lower back. People livingĀ with arm pain after a Whiplash injury, actually have an issue with the lower neck.
It is becoming more common to scan the face and cheek area to see if there is an issue with the Trigeminal Nerve itself – if a blood vessel is wrapped around the nerve, or if there is nerve damage.Ā  This can give good information about the nerves structure, but may not actually be relevant to the symptoms.
InĀ people with Trigeminal Neuralgia, normal information passing through nerve centre is interpreted by your brain as abnormal, causing symptoms.Ā  At times only a small amount of information can be responsible for really severe symptoms, such as the symptoms you get with Trigeminal Neuralgia.

We have created a special document especially for patients with Trigeminal Neuralgia, because it is just so terrible. You can access the E-bookĀ Ā  Ebook Trigeminal Neuralgia and the Neck

Presentation from Headache Pain Management Centre which may assist with pain management.

Some other things to consider when your pain seems to be greater.