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We have been busy working with a promotions company on the Gold Coast QLD to design and produce our own branded product

We have made a small initial order of 108 Stubby Coolers, 50 Mugs and 50 Stainless Steel water bottles to test the waters

Our coolers have been produced and are ready to ship to us and the water bottles are due this week

Unfortunately the mugs are in short supply so they may have to wait a few weeks

If you would like to be one of the first people to secure an order please leave a comment or email

Prices are below with include postage in Australia

Stubby Coolers $12

Mugs  $25

Water Bottles $30

If there is demand we would like to branch out and provide branded Teal Ribbon Badges, Beanies and Scarves.  We will be setting up the product in our online shop so you may purchase and pay online


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