TNA Australia Webinar – Dr Ben Jonker

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TNA Australia are delighted to provide the recording of Dr Ben Jonker’s presentation covering

“Which Procedure Should I Have For Trigeminal Neuralgia”

The Association has committed to create four educational webinars a year and we are delighted the members of our Medical Board are providing their expertise to help all sufferers of Trigeminal Neuralgia navigate their diagnosis and treatment.

The opportunity to work in the digital space has been provided by a grant to support our work in a Tele Health capacity, by The Cromwell Property Foundation and we acknowledge their generosity

Dr Ben Jonker is a member of the Associations Medical Advisory Board and you can read more about him using the below link

Central Neurosurgery | Dr Benjamin Jonker | Home



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  • I suffer from TN. I had stereostatic radiation. 10 weeks after the procedure I woke with complete numbness to the left side of my face and part of my head. Over the next two weeks I experienced a stroke like episode as well as increase in pain. So I had severe numbness and severe pain. Nine months later I had pulse radio frequency to the nerve but unfortunately developed a hematoma. Consequently I developed more pain . Thank you doctor Jonker you are the only specialist who has explained the reason for the increase in pain. Would I be wise to get your opinion and could this be something other than trigeminal nerve and what would that be?

    • Hi Trish. BY now I imagine you have talked with Dr Ben Jonker further and he has been able to advise you. Best wishes.


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