Trigeminal Neuralgia – The Most Painful Disease Known To Man

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The most painfull illness known to man, rare, and diagnosis can sometimes take far too long

This may be the best use of 6 minutes getting an overview of what pain sufferers of Trigeminal Neuralgia have to go through




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  • Felicity Pysing
    March 3, 2022 5:26 pm

    Hi guys, Felicity here from Bendigo regional Victoria in Australia. I would love, love love you to do something between TN1 and TN2. I was being treated for TN1 for more than 4 years, until a Neurosurgeon diagnosed me with TN2. Difference being, TN1 can come and go for years at a time. TN2 is 24/7 dull throbbing burning pain which is relentless..


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