Saturday October 7, 2023 2:30 PM UTC

Brisbane Support Group 

Special meeting – This Saturday October 7, 2.30pm (Note change of usual date and time and the meeting will run for 2 hours+)

30 Ridley Rd, Bridgeman Down

Guest Speaker-Eliane Lee Schneuwly-Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist

Eliane has addressed our group on several occasions and has assisted many members on their road to wellness. She has a keen interest in gene testing and working to overcome neurological disorders.

She has reversed her own MS and inspires others on their wellness path.

The focus of her presentation will be on

causes of all chronic degenerative conditions
post viral syndrome(ie long covid) in association with re activation of new or old auto-immune conditions
updated auto-immunity treatment protocol including diet and supplementation
an innovative DNA testing and reporting method

I extend a warm invitation to all members, their support families and friends to this dynamic and inspiring event.

30 Ridley Road, Bridgeman Downs QLD 4035, Australia

Join Us Contact: Tony MacPherson Tel: 0403 290 066


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