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Light it up Teal 2022 Campaign Updates

Pain and me – Tamar Pincus

This video provides a wonderful visual depiction of a personal interpretation of acceptance of chronic pain created by Professor Tamar Pincus. Tamar Pincus is a Professor in Health Psychology at The University of Southampton, where she is also Dean of the faculty of the environment and life sciences. Until 2022 she was a Professor and […]


MLS Treatment Therapy

So what is MLS Treatment Therapy, and how can it help sufferers of trigeminal neuralgia? What is a Multi Wave Locked System? The Multiwave Locked System (MLS®) is a new patented LLLT system that combines 905nm pulsed emissions with 808nm continuous emissions.I It was developed by ASA Laser to help overcome some of the limitations […]


Australian Organisations Raising Awareness about Trigeminal Neuralgia

Our organisation has been a registered Charity since 2003 and next year will be our 20th Anniversary.  We work tirelessly to ensure all sufferers receive support and our new website has certainly raised our profile in the digital space In 2018 another organisation was established in Victoria founded by Skye and Peta called FightingTN These two […]


President’s Monthly Musings – Oct 7th 2022 Light Up In Teal

International Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day October 7th Light Up In Teal I am humbled by the turn out of our members and stakeholders, who took photos of the landmarks which were Lit up in Teal all around Australia.  Our Association members and Facebook members of the two groups below, made sure we had photos of […]


Webinar – 2022 What We Have Been Doing

We had a great deal to talk about in respect of the achievements our Association has covered in the last year, and our plans for the future. Thank you so much to all of the attendees who joined our live webinar this morning.  It was lovely to see you all, and I really enjoyed our […]


Presidents Monthly Musings – September 2022 – Volunteering

The committee has had many conversations over the last year around  the subject of how to attract volunteers to help our Association.   I understand it can be a daunting thought,  not only having to deal with the restrictions Trigeminal Neuralgia imposes on sufferers,  but then, add the thought of offering your help, when you have […]


Emergency Department Plastic Wallet Cards

Following the webinar presented by A/Prof Arun Aggarwal in July, we brainstormed the possibility of providing a plastic wallet card for our sufferers to present to the Emergency Department of their hospital, when Trigeminal Neuralgia break through pain becomes too much to cope with. We worked with PR Design and produced a fantastic card which […]

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President’s Monthly Musings – August 2022 – Quality of Life

We are currently on a weeks break in Evans Head In Northern NSW, one of our favourite places to bring our caravan, and we all need to find a place, could be next door or down the street, to give us a break, even if only for 15 minutes.  The campsite we use  has everything […]

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Tasmania Support Group Meeting with Mr Jeremy Russell

In March of this year, Helen Tyzack our Tasmanian Support Group Leader arranged an informal zoom webinar, presented by Mr Jeremy Russell Mr Jeremy Russell is an Australian trained neurosurgeon who manages all general neurosurgical conditions. He has subspecialty expertise in both cerebrovascular and skull base neurosurgery, having obtained fellowships in both areas at the […]


Webinar – Prof Arun Aggarwal- presenting to the emergency department for pain management

When Trigeminal Neuralgia pain is too much: presenting to the emergency department for pain management In July 2022 we were delighted to host a webinar chaired by A/Prof  Liam Caffery and presented by Prof Arun Aggarwal Professor Arun Aggarwal is a highly experienced neurologist with expertise in chronic pain management. Professor Aggarwal graduated from the […]

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Self Management Navigator Tool – a guide to questions that may need answering

The have developed a self help sheet to help pain sufferers navigate the questions that you may want to ask during medical appointments This innovation has been trialled in the UK but the factors involved are universal You can download the form from the article below, this is a free resource Self-Management Navigator Tool


A Matter of Interpretation

Active listen is a skill,  but there are times when even the best of us, can misinterpret what they have heard. The below article was published by By Carol Levy, PNN Columnist in Aug 2021 I recently read a post in one of the online chronic pain support groups. “Sue” had just left an appointment […]


Chronic Pain – No Longer Normal

Any one living with chronic pain tries to live a normal life.   That idea is really quite absurd because when you are living a life evaluating what you can or can’t do every moment of the day…..clearly you you are not going to fit in the “normal” box This article was written by By Carol […]


Chronic Pain Infographic

Many of our learnt reactions have been created from previous experiences, and our brains then program us how to behave.  However we can reprogram our thoughts and reactions with a bit of brain training Targeted Rewiring The process of rewiring the neural pathways of chronic pain requires experimentation, patience, and consistency. Science-backed techniques, like those […]


Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Chronic Inflammation

We are always interested in research which can show what conditions may cause chronic inflammation Australian Center for Precision Health, University of South Australia Cancer Research Institute, Adelaide, Australia, 2 South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, Adelaide, Australia and 3 Population, Policy and Practice, UCL Institute of Child Health, London, UK *Corresponding author. Australian […]


Denise Drysdale talks about her Diagnosis with Trigeminal Neuralgia

We are delighted that Denise Drysdale is raising awareness, by talking about her Diagnosis with Trigeminal Neuralgia. It is also wonderful to hear that she underwent surgery with Dr Ben Jonker who is one of our Medical Advisory Board Neurosurgeons The article below was written for Woman’s Day EXCLUSIVE: Aussie TV treasure Denise Drysdale opens […]


TN Acute Management Handout

Associate Professor Arun Arggarwal presented at our recent Webinar  around Acute Pain Management for sufferers of Trigeminal Neuralgia,  and has kindly provided the slide presentation of the subjects he covererd We are making the slides available now – however we will be publishing the webinar where A/Prof Arun Aggarwal provides a great commentary and explanation […]


Epilepsy and osteoporosis risk Philip M Dussault et al. Curr Opin Endocrinol Diabetes Obes. 2017 Dec.

It is important that all sufferers who are using anti-convulsant medication for their Trigeminal Neuralgia, and have used this medication for longer than 36 months,   consult their doctor about monitoring  Bone Density and have a review and prevention plan in place There have been many studies highlighting the link between anti-convulsant medication and osteoporosis Below […]


Presentation by Karen Smith – Her experiences living with Chronic Pain

Karen Smith advocates for chronic pain sufferers in Canada, and shares her personal story in this presentation. In this video she describes the impact on her, from other peoples reaction to her, when she discloses she lives with chronic pain.  In her case she suffers from a debilitating back injury, but I think her observations […]


What Patients Need To Know About the Differential Diagnosis Of Facial Pain

The Facial Pain Organisation has released the next presentation from the Conference held in January 2022 The presentation is by Dr Donald Nixdorf and is packed with really useful tips how to communicate with your care providers, and some of the issues that are encountered not only from the patients perspective, but from the clinicians […]