President’s Reflections – Oct 2023

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Hello everyone I hope you enjoy this edition of my ‘President’s Reflections’.

National Support Line

During the past month, I have accumulated 347minutes of support time on the National Support Help Line for people living with TN.

Support Group Leader Meeting

I held our first support group leader meeting for the year, via Zoom 08/09/2023, I did the facilitating myself. Our support group leaders are from all walks of life and from across Australia, however the one thing we all have in common is TN. Our leaders presented many ways to hold a meeting, which worked for everyone. We discussed our part to play within the association’s framework and the best ways to help each other and our members. It was a successful meeting because we all collaborated with each other and got to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere. I’m very proud of all the support group leaders who give so much to help other people living with TN.

Support from Website

It has been my privilege to provide support for 11 new members that have asked to be contacted, via our website. I have provided them with links to our website, for articles that can support them. I’ve given them Doctors names and phone numbers. I’ve shown them how to find things on our webpage.

Once again, I’ve listened to their brave journeys with TN and provided a safe environment for them to talk and ask questions. It breaks my heart listening to their stories.

Volunteer Workshop

The Workshop for our committee and support group leaders is organised. Many thanks to Lyn Donnelly for her help and the countless hours of absolute skill. I believe the agenda for the Melbourne trip is finished.

A special thanks to Peter Gough for organizing our arrival, departure and transportation while we are in Melbourne.


Our first webinar for this year was held in August. The webinar was a terrific success with Assoc. Prof. Liam Caffrey chairing and Dr. Karen McCloy presenting and answering questions from the audience as well as questions from our members. Dr. McCloy is a wonderful presenter. She can fit a lot of education in, in a small amount of time. We are planning to hold a lot more webinars in the near future. Watch this space.

Instagram-Trigeminal Neuralgia Association Australia is on Instagram.

Awareness event

Our new Instagram account continues to gain momentum. Lyn is doing a great job taking care of our Instagram account. Lyn has many projects in the process at the moment. I will keep everyone posted.

Our Association has a lot of good things happening soon-I’m excited.

On A Personal Note:

It’s a beautiful time of the year…

  1. Flowers are blooming.
  2. Baby birds being born.
  3. The smell of new blooms.
  4. The sound of birds singing.
  5. No wind.
  6. No cold weather to worry our trigeminal nerve.
  7. The smell of a spring day.
  8. The first cup of coffee on a beautiful spring day.
  9. The sun’s rays.
  10. Sunrises on a spring day.

“With hope”

Kim O’Donnell

Lockyer Valley/Toowoomba 0402 982 118


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  • Thank you so much for all you and supporters time to help us. Peter Gough was very helpful to me during a bad flare up and I am very grateful. Your website is user friendly and a credit to all involved.
    I was present for Dr Mc Cloy’ s presentation and learned a lot as that is my next step, to have a dental clean and exam.
    Thank you once again and may you flourish and I would like to offer my support to any TN sufferers. I have an excellent pain management team who specialise in roofs ial pain especially TN.
    Stay safe and well,
    Kind regards,
    Trish Hawkins.

    • Hi Trish, thank you for taking the time to provide feedback, it is always so uplifting to know we have helped. We are always interested in individuals stories and how they interact with their pain management teams. Perhaps you can send us your story so we can publish for others to gain insight.

    • Thanks for your contribution. Someone will be in touch soon to talk about Support ideas.


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