President’s Reflections – Sep 2023

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The months are passing so quickly – we will soon be into spring and hopefully those cold winter winds will be less troublesome.  We have been working hard on plenty of projects including Light Up In Teal, The Dance Festival, Webinars and our SGL Workshop.

National Support Line

During the past month, I have accumulated 203 minutes of support time (this is outgoing calls and incoming calls) on the National Support Help Line for people living with TN.

Support from Website

It has been my privilege (as always) to provide support for new members that ask to be contacted, via our website. I have provided eight people with information from our website and support via phone/email.


I have provided them with website links and articles that can support them. I’ve listened to their journeys with TN and provided a safe environment for them to talk and ask questions.  

Once again, the more I learn – I appreciate that every person has a unique experience with Trigeminal Neuralgia. We are all different in pain, diagnosis, medication etc.


Our first webinar for this year will be held August 30, 2023.

Dr Karen McCloy will be presenting the workshop. Karen is a Fellow of the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, and a Diplomat of the American Board of Orofacial Pain. Karen has her master’s degree in facial pain and sleep and is currently enrolled to do her PHD at the University of Qld on Facial Pain. We Hope you enjoy this webinar.

This month has been extremely busy, however we are making leaps and bounds in our service to our members and pushing hard to get Trigeminal Neuralgia noticed in the Dental and Doctor communities.

Our Association is about working hard to provide a service to our members. It’s about support, support to our members, support each other, support for our SGL’s and support for the carers of people living with Trigeminal Neuralgia. It’s about education, collaboration, and service.

Please help us by attending the webinar on august 30th

Webinar – Dr Karen McCloy – Trigeminal Neuralgia Association Australia (

Obtain your tickets for the Webinar through the Eventbrite app.   Brisbane, Australia Trigeminal Neuralgia Events | Eventbrite



Lyn Donnelly has created an Instagram account so that we may post our advertising on it to let our name be heard a little bit more. Lyn has been posting frequently and already has a lot of followers. It’s also good to see what others are posting from people living with TN. I love this idea. The Instagram account is gaining momentum. Good job Lyn.

Personal Note

The weather at the moment is beautiful in Queensland. I can finally go out into my garden without the fear of my TN flaring up. My flowers are absolutely beautiful.

My garden is my happy place to be with all the native birds that we see at this time of the year. It is always good to have a happy place where we can go to offload the worries of the world to.

Let’s find one small thing to be grateful for every day. The positivity it provides for us can be enormous, especially when we are having a flare up or just feeling a bit down.  Let us know your 5 things to have a chance of winning a TNAA stubby holder

Challenge – what makes you feel better?


I hope you all have a lovely fortnight, filled with lots of positivity and love.



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