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Webinar – Dr Karen McCloy

We are delighted to announce Dr Karen McCloy of McCloy Dental in Caboolture QLD will be presenting a webinar for our association on August 30th at 7pm QLD time – Trigeminal Neuralgia & Dentistry.

Dr Karen McCloy has fabulous credentials around the challenges faced by people living with trigeminal neuralgia, and those not yet diagnosed who believe their pain is due to dental issues.

A/Prof Liam Caffery will be our chairman for the webinar.

We are looking for a one more panelists to appear on the webinar to tell their dental stories.  If you are confident to in your ability to join the online webinar and tell your story, please email Lyn Donnelly at

Add the date to your calendar and make sure you join us for this webinar the link will be posted here, on our calendar and on our Facebook pages.

Webinar Link

Please note the webinar start time is 7pm QLD time but you may join the waiting room from 6.30 

Dr. Karen McCloy B.D.Sc, MS (Dental Research Tufts), MS Med (Sleep Medicine Sydney), Diplomate American Board of Orofacial Pain

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