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New Members and New Orders

Sometimes as volunteers we get caught up in the day to day stuff that we do, and can possibly lose sight of the impact our Association is having on members and non- members alike.

On May 6th we were getting ready to attend a friend’s 60th Birthday Party.  We met Gary when we had only just arrived in Australia as migrants from the UK back in 2002, and we have many happy memories of time spent together.

The venue was also hosting a karaoke event, and I had been fixating on whether the additional noise was going to be too much for Patrick.  How he was going to cope with talking to people we hadn’t recently seen? and how the late night was going to effect him the next day?  I am sure this routine will be very familiar to many of our members.

Our son was dropping us off at the venue and while he drove I noticed a couple of orders for our Emergency Department Card, pop up on the notification screen of my phone.  No worries I thought to myself, I will deal with those tomorrow.

I am delighted to report we had a great evening, Patrick talked, joked and laughed, ate drank and caught up without too much pain and sensibly rested up the next day.

I turned to process those couple of orders and ended up whooping around our living room when I discovered we had 19 orders for our Emergency Department Card, four orders for membership and donations. I have no idea what happened on the 6th of May which led so many people to our website to place orders.  If I knew I would replicate every week.  This month we have so far had 8 new members join our Association.  Many have asked for support and our compassionate president Kim has contacted them all to offer hope.

We plug away adding articles to our website every month, reaching out for volunteers, creating newsletters and managing support group meetings.  Knowing we are making a small difference in so many people’s lives is quite frankly humbling.

So a huge thank you to all those who found us in May.  We hope you bookmark us and check in often.  But most of all, if we have given a lift to just one person, then sometimes that’s enough.

“You are never alone”

May 15 to May 21 is also National Volunteer Week where those who volunteer their time in all walks of life are shown some appreciation.  A big shout out to all of our associations volunteers, you do an amazing job.



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How to Support a Partner with Chronic Pain

The question is often raised at our support group meetings – how can I support my partner with chronic pain.  It is so hard to watch someone you love cope every day with debilitating pain.

Oh if only you had a magic wand.  How many of us go to bed thinking, “maybe tomorrow they will wake up and the pain will be gone”.

Oh course always have hope, but while we wait for a miracle or a treatment that works for our partners particular circumstances, what can we do?

Supporting a partner or loved one with chronic pain is difficult. Whether you’re having to cope with the transition from being pain free, or entering into a relationship with someone suffering from an existing condition, you’re still going to have to learn a whole new set of skills if you’re going to make the best out of what can at times be a difficult situation.

15 Ways To Support A Partner With Chronic Pain

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AGM Meeting – 2022

It certainly has been a busy year for the committee, with big steps taken to improve our digital platform in order to support sufferers where ever they are Our AGM Meeting will be held on Saturday 4th June as 10am Sydney time.  For members who would like to attend the meeting in person the address […]
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