Australian Rainforest Remedies

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Natural medicine

Australian rainforest remedies: Scientists explore bioactive plant compounds as potential anti-neuroinflammatory agents

Exploration of the Australian rainforests plant life, continues to uncovered just how remarkable mother nature is.

Harnessing the therapeutic potential of
Given their long geographical isolation from the world, the Australian rainforests
provide a rich source of herbal remedies that have developed despite tremendous ecological challenges over the years. The rainforest is naturally rich in secondary metabolic products that need further research and validation to be incorporated into disease management and improve human health.

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Australian Rainforest Remedies

Griffith university

Griffith University is a public research university in South East Queensland on the east coast of Australia. Founded in 1971,[2] Griffith was opened in 1975, introducing Australia’s first degrees in environmental science and Asian Studies

Griffith University is the latest example. It found a product derived from a Queensland rainforest tree could hold the answer to the treatment of silicosis, a life-threatening lung disease.

The university’s NatureBank, which now holds 30,000 natural biota samples, provides researchers around the world with Australian-derived natural compounds and in the latest instance it was able to provide Metro North Health’s research team with the natural compounds that were then tested in treating silicosis.

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