Mental Health and Trigeminal Neuralgia

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The Mental Health of sufferers with Trigeminal Neuralgia and that of their carer or support network is as important as their medical health.

“Mental health is about wellness rather than illness”

Sufferers of Trigeminal Neuralgia often refer to their condition as “having a flare up”, and “not having a flare up”.

For people unfamiliar with the condition, the statement that a sufferer is “not having a flare up”, would be seen as a very positive thing. What they may not know is that the pain may have been controlled on that day by medication or surgical intervention. In addition, what the statement does not reveal is the deep anxiety that at any moment the pain could be back. Everyday, as a sufferer goes about the business of living, s/he can’t totally relax and enjoy the moment because the fear of striking back is forever there. That fear is something like being a deer in the headlights of an oncoming truck, becoming stuck and not able to move out of the way

Our Association is extremely fortunate that we have dedicated volunteers who run Support Groups around the country. All of our volunteers suffer from Trigeminal Neuralgia. Some have had surgical intervention but that does not mean they have been cured. Trigeminal Neuralgia pain can come back….and that is a huge mental burden to carry around.

Mental Health or Mental Wellness is now recognised as a key contributor to how anyone with a chronic or acute condition copes and improves quality of life. But how do you get onto the path of supporting mental health, especially when in pain, feeling isolated, depressed, anxious and calm thinking is impossible?

As an Association we have on our website information about what to do when a sufferer presents to the Emergency Department of a Hospital, where a qualified Medical practitioner will take over the care. A sufferer may also need to consider the Emergency Department for Mental Health and find a Counsellor.

While TNAA is not funded for Mental Health purposes, in Australia we are extremely fortunate to have a national organisation funded by State and Federal Government called Beyond Blue who have trained counsellors on hand to help in the time of need. They assist callers to improve their quality of life and provide tips on how to move forward

When sufferers are in pain it is not easy to think clearly, and sometimes talking is impossible. By adding a link to Beyond Blue in your browser, mobile phone, or address book, the organisation can be easily accessed. When a sufferer is not in pain that is the time to get to know how Beyond Blue can be of assistance.

Why not create an account and get information sent directly to you?

To contact Beyond Blue Phone 1300 22 4636,

click on this link to read the article  What is mental health – Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue – Chronic physical illness, anxiety and depression fact sheet

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Complete the checklist and receive recommendations

Anxiety and depression checklist (K10 test) – Beyond Blue




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