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The following article was written by a practitioner in America but there are many chiropractors trained in this therapy in Australia.  This type of therapy does not appear to have research papers that provide conclusive scientific evidence.  However when a therapy is created around an individual and their particular needs, it is difficult to set control values.

This therapy was developed in the 1980’s.  Since that time, many medical practitioners acknowledge that mental health, emotional wellbeing and the nervous system all need to be evaluated when creating a pain management plan.

NET Therapy With Dr. Mary Lou Rane: Recover and Heal Today

As an integrative health expert with a Ph.D. in nutrition and certification in Neuro Emotional Technique, Dr. Mary Lou Rane has worked with countless patients in healing their limiting beliefs and inner pains for over the last 30 years.

So many of us live with unexplained pain, tension, and stress for years without ever truly dealing with them. We learn to live with these burdens, letting them weigh us down in everything we do. This stops us from reaching our full potential and living our best lives, and no amount of medication or trips to the doctor seem to help.

Neuro Emotional Technique Therapy or NET Therapy tackles these unknown pains and stresses by dealing with the root emotional and physiological cause in the body. With NET Therapy, patients find themselves healed from headaches, general anxiety, body pains, self-sabotaging habits, and more, in a simple yet effective session that determines emotional and stress responses through muscle testing and tracing back the true root of your emotional stress.

Read on to learn more about what you can expect from an NET Therapy session.

What is NET?

NET or Neuro Emotional Technique is a type of therapy which focuses on healing the body and its stress-related responses by targeting the physiological foundations of those conditions.

Emotional responses have physiological foundations in the form of amino acid chains that are carried throughout the body. NET Therapy deals with these physiological components of our most stress-inducing and traumatic experiences, helping the mind and body heal from these experiences permanently.

Impactful or traumatic negative emotions and experiences leave behind these physiological marks on the body. These can impair both the mind and the body from ever truly healing, thus leaving you with unexplained stressors or physical pains until these emotions are addressed. Neuro Emotional Technique addresses what is known as the Neuro Emotional Complex, or NEC, the emotional imprints crippling your physiological function.

Simply put, NET treats stress-related physical and mental conditions by tracing them back to their physiological location in the body, and working on them there. When paired with other healing therapies, NET helps patients get over any existing psycho-emotional blocks, which are residue from traumatic past events. These blocks prevent the body from truly healing from any conditions it may be experiencing, as well as further aggravating existing conditions.

For more detailed information about Neuro Emotional Technique, I wrote I whole piece that includes a brief history of NET.

Key Benefits of NET: Why You Would Want It

How do you know when NET might be beneficial for you? Again, NET is best for those dealing with stored long-term emotional trauma, as NET helps patients release that trauma (or neuro-emotional complexes) and allow their body and mind to physically and psychologically heal.

Here are some warning signs that you may be experiencing stored traumas in the form of neuro-emotional complexes:

  • You have unexplained shoulder tension and headaches
  • You often feel overwhelmed
  • You burst out in tears at times
  • Your digestive system isn’t as reliable as it once was
  • You often experience exhaustion or fatigue
  • You have little to no motivation to engage in activities you were once passionate about
  • You have tons of unexplained physical discomfort or pain

Various studies have proven the effectiveness of Neuro Emotional Technique Therapy. Patients who undergo NET Therapy can expect improvements in conditions like:

  • Headaches
  • General anxiety
  • Self-sabotaging habits
  • Body pains
  • Organ dysfunctions
  • Phobias

But NET Therapy helps in more ways than just the physical. With NET, patients experience a variety of psycho-emotional benefits, such as:

  • Unlocking and reprogramming the subconscious to recover from any psycho-emotional blocks
  • Promoting your own understanding of what you need in relationships, allowing you to develop and maintain more fulfilling relationships with your friends and family
  • Understanding the sources of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back in your subconscious, and unraveling them from the inside out
  • Correcting any neurological imbalances caused by unresolved stress and its physiological effects, leading to significant reduction on stress, anxiety, and phobias

Patients who experience successful NET Therapy by proven professionals find themselves feeling renewed and revitalized, as if the weights on their shoulders have finally been removed. This gives patients a greater ability to live out the life they want to live and achieve their true purpose.

What To Expect During the NET Session: Step-By-Step Breakdown

So what exactly happens during the typical NET Therapy session, and what can you expect during this session as a patient?

While the small details may vary from practitioner to practitioner, the typical NET Therapy session begins with muscle testing, which is also known as manual muscle testing or applied kinesiology. Muscle testing is a method to uncover muscular, structural, and mental conditions. An easy way to understand muscle testing is to refer to the third Law of Motion: “For every action there is an equal opposing reaction.”

Muscle testing applies this idea to ailments afflicting the human body. This concept indicates that internal issues and stressors naturally lead to a muscle weakness. Through muscle testing, practitioners can locate where these issues may be by linking them with the meridian system found in traditional Eastern medicine, which finds the paths between various parts of the bodies.

The session begins with muscle testing and the NET idea of emotions and their specific physiological effects on the body to trace the patient’s exact stressor. For example, a patient may come in with a sore left knee that she had been dealing with for months with no known cause. This may be a sign of a NEC (Neuro-Emotional Complex).

The practitioner will use reflex points on the body to try to link the knee pain with any stress and tension that the body is holding onto. The patient will also be asked if they have any current problem or source of stress, whether at work, home, or with their relationships. Once this problem is identified, the practitioner will find a certain statement around the topic to make their tested muscle go weak.

In practice, this works with the practitioner asking the patient to raise their arm, and the practitioner pushing it down with their hand; this is to test the strength of the muscle. This is repeated several times as the practitioner goes through various statements, looking for the issue that may be causing the patient stress.

For women, one common issue is the feeling that they’re not enough — not enough as a mother, as a partner, as a friend, or as a woman. For this issue, the patient is challenged by being asked to say statements like, “I am a loving mother”, “I am fine just the way I am”, “I am beautiful enough and good enough as me”, all while muscle testing is applied.

This is repeated until a certain statement is found that causes the arm (or whichever muscle being tested) to fail. Once this occurs, the practitioner uses NET to find the emotions associated with that specific statement by linking that emotion to their pain or other symptoms.

Finally, the NET practitioner works with the patient to find the exact painful moment in their past where that negative emotion and limiting belief was created. With NET Therapy, these stuck emotions become slowly released, allowing the patient to recover from these limiting beliefs and heal from these long-term stressors.

Australian content

Research Paper

Stress reduction via neuro-emotional technique


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