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Despite Pain Blog – Talking About Pain

We know there are thousands of people living with trigeminal neuralgia but often their voices go unheard. However there are pain warriors who are gifted writers, and share their experiences…

50 ways to live well, despite chronic pain

Do you ever struggle to plan how to live well despite chronic pain? The following list was taken from resources available on the Chronic Pain Champions website.  The Founder is…

Understanding Pain Video

This is a great presentation about understanding pain and providing options to improve quality of life by utilising a plan.

Six Great Plant-Based Foods to Fight Nerve Pain

Six Great Plant-Based Foods to Fight Nerve Pain By Dr. Bussell – March 30, 2021 If you’re living with nerve pain, there is a definite benefit to eating healthy, low-inflammatory…

Loving yourself isn’t easy when chronically ill

Our Association connects to other chronic illness individuals via our Twitter account.  Some have trigeminal neuralgia, however many have other conditions. What is the same though, are the struggles that…