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50 ways to live well, despite chronic pain

Do you ever struggle to plan how to live well despite chronic pain?

The following list was taken from resources available on the Chronic Pain Champions website.  The Founder is Tom Bowen

Hello, I’m Tom Bowen.

My chronic pain journey started in January 2009 after surgery left me with nerve pain.

When I first experienced symptoms I had a tough time adjusting to them. I let them control me, instead of me controlling them. They affected my life, my family, my friends, my job, and my activities. No different than others facing the same challenges.  Read More

50 ways to live well, despite chronic pain
What’s in your toolbox?

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1. Take responsibility for your pain
2. Learn about pain
3. Get out of bed and start your day
4. Reduce stress
5. Avoid negativity
6. Challenge and replace unhelpful thoughts
7. Use positive self-talk – stay positive
8. Reduce focus on the pain
9. Be kind to yourself and others
10. Moderate activity – pace yourself
11. Do muscle relaxation
12. Be mindful and grateful
13. Change expectations
14. Journal/write (but don’t track pain)
15. Laugh frequently
16. Breathe deep and slow
17. Reduce use of unnecessary and unsafe

Medication meme
18. Say “I can do this”
19. Maintain good sleep habits
20. Avoid pain behaviors
21. Start moving (walk and other exercise)
22. Smile
23. Listen to music
24. Reward yourself
25. Create a daily plan
26. Modify activity to make things easier
27. Get out of the house – enjoy nature
28. Give and get hugs
29. Be a role model
30. Limit napping
31. Say no
32. Do Tai Chi
33. Take a break from the news and social
34. Try easy yoga
35. Don’t allow yourself to be a victim

Cat meme
36. Pet a dog or cat
37. Avoid catastrophizing – don’t ruminate
or wallow
38. Be a friend
39. Volunteer
40. Play a game
41. Do art
42. Set S.M.A.R.T. goals
43. Forgive someone (including yourself)
44. Stretch
45. Eat healthy
46. Watch a movie
47. Do random acts of kindness
48. Visit with a friend
49. Meditate
50. Attend a pain rehabilitation program

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