Anxiety in People with Trigeminal Neuralgia and other Facial Pain

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Many of our sufferers experience extreme anxiety, even when they have undergone successful surgery.  The fear that the pain can come back at any moment can paralyse sufferers and prevent them leading a fulfilling life

We work closely with the Facial Pain Association in the USA who have some wonderful resources – this webinar really helps understand where the fear comes from, how to understand the process and how it can be mitigated

Dr. Leesa Scott-Morrow will discuss anxiety in people with facial pain. This webinar will introduce the brain mechanisms that are involved in the experience of fear and anxiety, including discussion of why these mechanisms interfere with concentration and mental clarity.

There are many types of anxiety.

Dr. Scott-Morrow will discuss the various types and the way treatment may, or may not, differ for each type. Past trauma can leave a person with increased risk for anxiety. The webinar will include some discussion of this problem and discussion of risks and benefits of the various medications that are used to treat anxiety.

In addition, Dr. Scott-Morrow will include discussion about the way in which use of alcohol can become problematic in anxious people.

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