Invisible Disability in Australia

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People with invisible disabilities like me are routinely disbelieved — and it can have long-lasting effects.
4.5 million Australians live with conditions which are invisible to the casual observer.  Our community who deal with the pain of trigeminal neuralgia are well aware of this.
As a society we still suffer from the stereotype belief that if you can’t see the disability you must be faking, or trying to get off work or some other nonsense.
The following article is by the ABC’s Specialist Reporting Team’s Evan Young
This article is very insightful and we encourage all of our members to take heart and have the courage, when you can, to tell your story.  Education, information and changing attitudes is the only way forward

“Acceptance means so much more than many people understand, just to have someone be like, ‘I see you,’ because we feel invisible so much of the time.”

Connect to community’s, attend online and face to face support groups, talk to family and friends.  Together we can change society’s negative views about invisible illness’s which have a devestating impact on our sufferers.

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