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The title of the podcast  “dignity in chronic pain care” is a challenging one, and covers life living and death, especially for our community living with chronic pain and who are often left feeling there is no hope for a better life.

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Dr. Chochinov has worked primarily in palliative care research, but sees a parallel in his work for people living with chronic pain. He explains what Patient Centred care really is and believes all medical professionals should strive for The Platinum Rule which he explains during the podcast.

How decisions are made and patients cared for are often guided by the Golden Rule, which would have us treat patients as we would want to be treated in similar circumstances. But when patients’ lived experiences and outlooks deviate substantively from our own, we stop being a reliable barometer of their needs, values, and goals. Inaccurate perceptions of their suffering and our personal biases may lead to distorted compassion, marked by an attitude of pity and therapeutic nihilism. In those instances, The Platinum Rule, which would have us consider doing unto patients as they would want done unto themselves, may be a more appropriate standard for achieving optimal person-centered care. This means knowing who patients are as persons, hence guiding treatment decisions and shaping a tone of care based on compassion and respect.

This podcast was published by Deana Tsiapalis of Pain 2 Possibilities


Dr. Harvey Max Chochinov is a distinguished professor of psychiatry at the University of Manitoba and Senior Scientist, CancerCare Manitoba Research Institute.

He is well known for many accomplishments including leading the research team that pioneered the Dignity Model and Dignity Therapy. He won the Prose award for his 2011 book – Dignity Therapy: Final Words for Final Days and he’s just published his new book: Dignity in Care – The Human Side of Medicine. He’s also the co-founder of the Canadian Virtual Hospice, the world’s largest repository of web-based information and support for dying patients, their families and healthcare providers.

  • The Platinum Rule
  • Seeing Ellen and the Platinum Rule
  • Strategies and approaches to dignity conserving care in practice
  • The ABCDs of Dignity in Care
  • Intensive Caring: Reminding Patients They Matter
  • Depression is a Liar


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