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This podcast produced by Deanna Tsiapalis from Pain2Possibilities titled “Pain and Executive Function how to get things done“, describes how the brain can prevent you from completing tasks and to feel motivated which increases stress.  Our community living with chronic pain, often blame themselves for not achieving what they had hoped, be that small daily tasks or a much bigger picture.

This podcasts discusses the science behind these blocks and offers practical solutions.

Executive functioning is the ability to get things done, to control our focus and to manage our emotions.

For years now, research has shown that pain is processed in many parts of the brain including the area of the brain responsible for executive functioning.

So if you have ever felt:

✅ difficulty in controlling your emotions

✅ difficulty focusing on anything other than the pain

✅ difficulty getting inspired/motivated to get things done

✅ Overwhelmed

You are not alone!

When the brain is processing pain, focusing on the pain and all the difficult emotions that go along with it like…

👉 anxiety, depression, fear, anger, overwhelm

it leaves little to no energy/resources left to do all the other, life giving things like…

👉 joy, optimism, contentment, setting goals and achieving them, core values (so much more I could add here)

Good news is, there is hope..

Pain And Executive Functioning – How To Get Things Done

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