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The following information relates to an online chronic pain management resource which provides people living with chronic pain and their carers a structured plan, to help overcome life’s obstacles and live the best life possible.  Registering for an account is free and easy.

Welcome to Live Well with Pain, the largest collection of trusted self management resources for people living with persistent pain and their carers.

You have access to true stories featured in short videos.

Welcome to Ten Footsteps – and congratulations on taking the first step towards living well with pain!

Ten Footsteps for carers  – If you’re living with someone with persistent pain, chances are you’re not just a partner, you’re a carer too.


Our resources have been developed by pain specialists and people with lived experience of persistent pain. They are designed to help you become a confident self manager of your pain, so you do more of what you want to do – and live well despite the pain.

Featured Resource Chronic Pain - Managing Setbacks


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