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Welcome back to the Healing Pain Podcast with Hayley Leake, PT, PhD

In this episode, we’re talking about pain education and specifically asking the question, “What do patients value learning about pain?” Our expert guest is physiotherapist and pain researcher Hayley Leake. After working clinically for six years, Hayley embarked on a PhD mission at the University of South Australia with Professor Lorimer Moseley’s research group. Her research aims to optimize pain education for adolescents and adults living with chronic pain.

Pain education is a popular treatment approach for treating persistent pain that involves learning a variety of concepts related to pain and is thought to be an important part of recovery. In this episode, we discussed targeted concepts and themes that seem to be the most important of value to those living with chronic pain when delivering a pain education intervention. Without further ado, let’s begin and meet Physiotherapist and Pain Researcher, Hayley Leake.

What Do Patients Value About Pain? With Hayley Leake, PT, PhD

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