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This article creates awareness of how magnet treatment for trigeminal neuralgia may help in pain management.  Please consult your medical team for advice.

Magnetic therapy for trigeminal neuralgia.

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Since 1999, we have used Quadrapolar magnets as an adjunctive therapy in combination with conventional treatments. For some conditions such as trigeminal neuralgia, there is not a lot physiotherapy can offer. On the recommendation from a neurologist, we were able to treat trigeminal neuralgia with Q magnets and began seeing encouraging results.

If you live outside of Brisbane, the Q magnets can be easily purchased from the manufacturer, Neuromagnetics Australia and shipped all over the world. For treatment we used the QF28-3 and have written up an explanation and treatment protocol based on over 20 patients we have treated. Click on the following link to download the notes…

Novel Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia: January, 2016

Some of the smaller trigeminal neuralgia support groups such as the Western Australian group have been open minded and actively seek out and investigate new drug free and non-invasive treatments in the interest of their members.

Page three of the Western Australian support groups April 2011 Newsletter describes a number of their member’s experiences with Q magnets, some of which were very encouraging. The following in an excerpt from page 1 of the December, 2011 Newsletter 192…

“…asked if there was any news on magnet therapy trials which led to a brief discussion on the subject. Although we know that the research and the trials have not proven absolute success, it has been of some benefit to several members and is deemed worthy of a trial. As Julie Russell pointed out, medications also do not work for everybody and have side effects. Julie has experienced more pain relief with magnets than with medications. Beverly and Julie have both found that the magnets help in minimising hyperactivity of the nerves.”

See our medico newsletter that provides a description and two case studies.

Lifestyle Physiotherapy™ is our signature style of physiotherapy treatment and you will learn the power of laser therapy, magnetic therapy and trigger point therapy in treating pain.

Nutrition, diet, herbs and nutritional supplementation can also play a key role in treating and preventing pain. There are many foods and food additives that increase our inflammatory responses. This can lead to increased joint pain and even more concerning increased risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes.

Our nutritionist/naturopathand Lifestyle Medicine doctors can all assist in the arena. If you are looking for the right advice with herbs and nutritional supplements, then see our nutritionist/naturopath. In our report you will learn what to do, what to take and what to avoid.

Pain can be very complex and ones perception of how strong pain is can vary greatly from person to person. We tend to have a much greater tolerance to pain when we are well balanced psychologically and emotionally. Conversely, we have a much lower tolerance to pain if suffering from depression or anxiety.

Lifestyle Medicine addresses issues such as life balance, habits, lifestyle issues, relationships, nutrition, medication, attitudes to aging, advice on bodily changes with aging, can request blood tests and offers a whole of person approach in a comprehensive medical context.

So for example, the management of menopause with bio-identical natural hormone replacement can play an important role in general wellbeing and pain relief. Hormone treatment may alter the perception of pain, particularly after anxiety and depression are under control.

Remember, look at pain as a message from your body that something is not right. Don’t just put up with it or find a way mask the symptoms such as anti-inflammatory drugs. Listen to your body, read the report we have produced, it will get you started.

If you are ready for professional support right now, call us on 3821 7300 and make an appointment with one of our professional team at Lifestyle Therapies so we can assist you on your journey to living pain free.

With a whole of body approach, the greatest benefit of addressing the causes of your pain, possibly even greater than living pain free is reducing your risk factors for contracting all the major lifestyle diseases such as heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes and dementia.

Now that has to be worth the effort.

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